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10 Relationship Hacks For Women: Avoid One Sided Relationships


Are you in a one sided relationship? Do you put all effort to make everything to work? Are all the financial burdens on you?
This ten relationship hacks will help you get your spouse or partner to work.

Learn his love language: this is very critical and this is what holds all relationships together and relationships could be made or broken because of misunderstanding and not knowing the way your partner is communicating his  love to you. Some people communicate their love with compliments and kind words while others, communicate their love by taking you out for an event like a dinner while others by giving special gifts, others by helping with house chores. People differ in this and you should deliberately find out which one fits him and work towards it.

Don’t complain about their imperfections: No one is perfect, but we are all striving to be perfect. When your partner or spouse does not do things correctly or they are fond of doing things poorly and making wrong decisions don’t run a complaining and nagging campaign on them. This is a big turn off and what leads to a one sided relationship.

Spend time with your spouse: This is one of the most vital parts of a relationship because the more time you spend with your spouse the more you get to know about him or her as a person and you get to enjoy private time where you can share your intimate feelings with him.

Trust your spouse: All relationships are built on trust so if you can’t trust him, why be in a relationship with him? You don’t need to take his phone at night and go through all his messages and call details. Take him at his word else you find a reason not to trust him and can prove it without a reasonable doubt.

Share the work burden: Never agree to become a house wife instead you to go to work and so the both of you can share the bills which will make them easier to be paid. Don’t put all your needs on your man because he might not be able to provide them.

Set relationship goals: You need to set goals on things you both want to achieve and work hard to go after these goals. Just be determined, persistent and hard working. Never give up on your goals work hard to achieve them.

Become his best friend: Love everything he loves and when he watches sports games, watch with him and become a fan of his favorite sport team and watch the games with him cheering as a fan the way he does.

Leave if he becomes abusive: don’t stay in a relationship where you are a punching bag and he emotionally abuses you all the time. Call it off for some while and take time to heal yourself and speak to others for advice. Get someone to speak with him before returning back together.

Leave if he abuses you physically: When he hits you once make a big deal about this don’t keep quiet and become a punching bag, Leave the house and notify him that you are not going to keep quiet and become a punching bag that you are not going to stand for it. Never accept being beaten and treated harshly by your man.

Never get physically or emotionally abusive towards him: Make sure  you never get physical only on self-defense. Learn self-defense skills which you can call upon when needed.

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