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2 Years Old Toddler Killed in Houston Robbery

TJ west

The family of 2 years old Ivory “TJ” West Jr. is left in shock and grieving his death.

Police report the brutal killing was the result of a  robbery.

How Was Tj West Jr Killed

The toddler, who was the family’s precious jewel, was sitting in the garage of his family’s townhouse at Trailing Vine Apartments when two armed men approached and opened fire. 
Ivory West Jr. was shot and killed on the spot while his father, Ivory West Sr. was shot 9-10 times and airlifted in critical condition. The visiting friend was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Fox 26 News reports, the men pulled a gun on TJ’s mother, who was upstairs nursing his 2-month-old little sister. She was confronted by the armed men who demanded money when she came down to investigate what she thought were fireworks.

Police say one of the suspects wore a black Nike jacket with gold lettering, a black cap, and black pants. The second suspect was wearing a red cap and a gray shirt.

Source: Wonder Wombman

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