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9 Years Old Girl Returns To School As Boy


9 yearls old Layla told by schoolmates that “God doesn’t make mistakes” after coming out as transgender has defied the bullies to return to school – as a boy. Jonus ‘Raye’ Maydon was born Layla, but told her mother Stevi Maydon she is a boy in mid-2016, when she was just seven.

Marketing executive Stevi, 38, dismissed the comments at first, concluding that Layla was confused or might simply be a tomboy.

She let him chop off his hair last September, but became concerned when he suffered long periods of low mood and frequently missed school because he was sick.

Layla  “broke down” in tears after a day at school in February and confessed he felt “sick” when he was made to use the girls’ restroom.


Stevi then made the daunting decision to let her child transition and enrolled him in therapy, started using male pronouns and stopped calling him ‘Layla’ and changed his name to Raye his middle name.


The journey so far has resulted in a “complete 180” in Raye’s health and mood, but open-minded Stevi said it has left her family in conservative Texas, USA, divided.

Meanwhile, she said some religious colleagues have told her that being transgender is “not right” and others have blamed her for her child’s gender dysphoria.


Despite the criticism some of Raye schoolmate, Stevi said the community and school system have been largely accepting of her son.


Last month, Raye started in the fourth grade at a new middle school, where he is registered as a boy and teachers are treating him like his male classmates.

Mother-of-one Stevi, of Dallas, Texas, said: “Raye was always interesting. Growing up she had girl toys and boy toys and she played with them both equally.

In the future, Raye – who recently started gender therapy – plans to legally change his name from Layla Raye to Jonus Raye.


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