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    2 Years Old Toddler Killed in Houston Robbery

    The family of 2 years old Ivory “TJ” West Jr. are left in shock and grieving his death. Police report the brutal killing was the result of a  robbery.                                                   How Was Tj West Jr Killed                                                   The toddler who was the precious jewel of the family was sitting in the garage of his family’s townhouse at Trailing Vine Apartments when two armed…

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    25 Years Old Man Stabbed 13 Years Old Girl To Death After She Told Him She Was Pregnant For Him

    25 years old Nicholson brutally murdered 13 years old Lucy McHugh after she told him she was pregnant, a court heard yesterday. Stephen Nicholson, 25, of no fixed address, is accused of repeatedly stabbing the 13-year-old in the neck and upper body in woodland at Southampton sports centre before abandoning her to die in July last year. The defendant, who works as a carer and as a tattoo artist, is charged with Lucy’s murder as well as three counts of rape against her when she was 12. The 25 Years old defendant, Stephen Nicholson has indicted of rape and murder of 13 years old Lucy. He faces two of counts of sexual activity with a child on multiple occasions. Nicholson was additionally indicted with sexual activity with 14 years old girl, on June 29, 2012. The prosecuting attorney William Mousley told Winchester Crown Court that the defendant Nicholson had “an interest in underage sex” thas was why he exploited Lucy, whom he described as…

  • Student Arrested For Eating KFC Chicken Free For A Year
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    A Student Arrested For Eating Free KFC Chicken For A Year

    Here is something you will not hear every day, Student Arrested For Eating Free KFC Chicken For A Year. India Today reports that a student who studies at the University of KwaZulu Natal ate free meals daily for a year when he informed KFC employees that he worked for the corporate office. How Did The Student Arrested For Eating Free KFC Chicken For A Year Cover His Tracks? He usually visits different KFC outlets and would inform employees that he was from corporate. His task was to perform quality checks. Reports allege that the student held a KFC identification card and was well dressed. His accomplice a friend of his, who is a part-time limo drive would drop him off. “When he arrived, we would all try acting our best so that we didn’t piss off the man from head office…

  • Jack Ma Success Quote
    Violence Against Women

    Jack Ma Success Quotes That Will Inspire You To Become Successful In Seven Days

    If you have been searching for Jack Ma success quotes, you have come to the right place. Keep reading If you are just like me, you would have done research and purchased books on how to become successful. According to recent data from worldometer, the earth population Stands at 7.53 billion and half of the population lives on less than $2.50 a day. While more than 1.3 billion experience abject poverty and they live on barely $1.25 daily. Here’s a shocking statistics: In 2018, The world’s 26 richest people had the same net worth as the poorest half of the world population. These stats were reported by Oxfam a charity group.  According to Forbes 2018 rich list, they are 2208 billionaires in the world. These mean 0.00002944 percent of the world population are billionaires. They are 36 million millionaires in the world. This number went up by 170 percent from the year 2000. So 0.048 percent of…

  • Violence Against Women


    A Pennsylvania man killed his girlfriend and shot his 11-month-old son before turning the gun on himself  Police report that She’Kierrah Adams was murdered on Tuesday by her 23-year-old boyfriend Raquill Holland. Their bodies were found by a family member after he went to check on the couples. According to reports, their 11-month old son, Raquill Jr., was found crawling around on the floor, with two gunshot wounds, one on his torso and another on his leg. “That day when the officers got there, he was actually on the ground crawling around on the floor, not crying,” said Chief Richard Herron of the Sharon Hill Police Department. The baby boy was rushed to Children’s Hospital of. Philadelphia. He is currently noted to be in stable condition. After the incident police say, the man has previous issues with domestic violence and had threatened Adams on numerous occasions.

  • Violence Against Women

    Russell Wilson To Ciara, We Don’t Need Future’s Little Coins, Take Him off Child Support

    Russel Wilson renewed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks which is worth $140 million dollars. This places him in the top of the chain of the highest earners in the NFL. So this did not come as a surprise when Wilson urged his wife Ciara to take future off child support. His exact wording  “I don’t like seeing my son and my wife stressing about such a minuscule amount of money.” Russell also added that Ciara does not need  Future’s “Coins” . claiming Future needed the money more. Russell also said, “Ciara and her ex constantly argue because he’s not consistent and can go months without paying. I can provide for my family without his little coins. I’m sure he needs the money more than we do. He’s got other kids in need, no need for him to overextend himself because we are set for generations ahead of us.” Are You wit Future, Let us know?