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Bubble hotel in Bali

Bali is a wonderful island with many of the world’s top luxury resort

This resort is located next to an unspoilt beach in Uluwatu, about 20 minutes’ drive from Seminyak (20 – 25 km). The Bubble Hotel Bali looks like an outdoor campsite, completely surrounded by nature without the intervention of noisy technology or machinery.

When booking at Bubble Hotel Bali, there will be a shuttle bus to pick you up and take you to the airport will cost more. Each bubble can accommodate 2 to 3 people, extremely suitable for honeymoon couples. However, if you go in groups, the hotel staff will arrange more bubbles close together so you can enjoy the holiday in the best way. Breakfast, light refreshments and romantic candlelit dinners are available for guests.

The room is made up of transparent balls like snow mushrooms in the sun. This point makes it different, unique but equally simple and close. Inside the bubble is a soft rubber bed and a few simple items for living. Around the room is the white curtains, when you need privacy just pull the curtain down. Lighting system is also installed meticulously to each detail, bringing the most comfortable feeling.

In the daytime, the bubbles flutter in the sun, while the evening is a different polarity, romantic by the golden light and aroma of rose candles, plus space throughout the galaxy.

A special point to raise the ‘open’ level of the bubble hotel is the bathroom hidden behind the bushes of the forest. With the message that visitors can live in the most wild and dust world, the whole is inspired by nature.

In addition to the pristine scenery, the hotel also has a small swing and old boat. The lonely boat, nestled on white sand, was professionally graffiti-painted by artists, making it a check-in spot that swept the world into a corner of the sea.

The road to the bubble room is also quite ‘arduous’, you have to walk as trekking from the top of the mountain down to the beach about 30 minutes. The area is so wild that when you sit in the bubble, you can watch the monkeys playing outside.

Room rates range from $ 84 – $ 100 per night for two people.


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