Why Cosmetic Products Are Dangerous

Here is a question worth a million bucks, are cosmetic products dangerous? Many of those so-called beauty products do all the promising of glowy skin but never delivers. It’s no secret that Makeup companies spend a whole load of money on their ad campaigns. They get our favorite social media influencers to encourage us to consume their products while simultaneously failing to inform us about their products’ […]

The Ultimate Guide To Organic Shampoo

One of the major benefits of using organic shampoo is that it promotes healthy hair care. Manufacturers do not use hazardous chemicals.  You really should consider trashing all your shampoo products that are not organic. It will really help you to stop all the itching and scalp irritations. Commercial add chemicals like Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium […]

The Ultimate Guide To Make Natural Hair Dye

natural hair dye

Using Natural hair dye is the best way to dye one’s hair. Why, you may ask? Because the chemicals that most hair dyes consist of can cause life-threatening illnesses. Can The Chemicals In Hair Dye Cause Cancer? A study was done on 2 groups of people,  People who use hair dye regularly. People who were exposed to hair dye at work. The study was done on […]

9 Natural Hair Growth Remedy For Healthy Hair

natural hair growth remedy

So you want to learn about Natural Hair Growth Remedy? Today is your lucky day because we got you covered with all the information you will need. We have researched how to use essential oils to grow your natural hair. These natural hair growth remedies that we are about to tell you are live changing […]

The Ultimate Guide To Treatment For Curly Hair

Hey there! are you currently experiencing curly hair problems, or are you searching for treatment for curly hair?      Does Your Curly Hair Need Help? Curly hair is special, but it still comes with its flaws, like that feeling of waking up getting a glimpse of how messy your hair has turned into. We […]

10 Tips For Growing Long Natural Hair

Here are the ultimate tips for growing long natural hair that will transform your hair routine forever. 8 Tips For Growing Long Natural Hair Here are our tips for growing long natural hair; Shampoo, Co-Wash, and Rinse As Needed; Natural hair is very porous, which means it has a high porosity, and mine is no […]