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SEARCHING FOR LOVE By Michelle Richardson-Patterson-Bacon

Sometimes we Search For Love In all the wrong places
In a bottle, a pill, a bag with a seal, a hype, a pipe
In a can or perhaps in a man

Sometimes we Search For Love In all the wrong spaces
In an alley, a valley, a car, on the street, on a corner, in a club
In the woods, yet never looking to God up above
It didn’t matter because my heart was broken within
Wrapped up, tied up, entangled loving my man so I let him in

You told me you Love but it was nothing but lust
I was tired of your beatings, arguing, lies and distrust
Taking you back over and over; trying hard to adjust
Giving you everything you needed still wasn’t enough

Love doesn’t beat a woman and give her black eyes
I kept telling myself, “I love him,” this was not wise
Dragging me down concrete steps while carrying your child
Busting my lips and wearing dark shades I couldn’t even smile
Scared for my life but for our children I kept trying to reconcile
I kept telling myself, “It’ll all get better after while!”

I had to find out the hard way
When my momma first met you she said, “No about you!”
I disregarded her thoughts cause I wanted you to stay
Telling myself, “Oh well that’s her view!”
Little did I know that was my early clue
Silencing your domestic violence; I held on to you like super glue

I couldn’t see the forest for the trees
Blinded by your attraction like honey dripping from bees
We started out young like a fairytale dream
I believed every word you whispered to me at sweet sixteen
You told me you love me so I kept my swag in my hips
My unconditional love for you was like a romantic eclipse

Our children witnessed most of these blows; bruised too by all this mess
Cause you wanted your cake and eat it too; which led to unhappiness
You disrespected me over and over again; like playing one of your games
I felt hopeless and helpless; I cried, called police, locked doors and screamed
Thank You LORD for saving me from my domestic violence inflicted pain
I prayed and cried for deliverance; now I’m stronger, wiser and no longer the same
I forgave you; realizing you were young too with issues causing this unbalance
With God’s Grace, I will NEVER again be silent about any type of violence.

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