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TOTAL WOMAN:Mariana Agness Francisco Eria, a Mozambican entrepreneur starting a floral empire in Africa



The blooming scent of success

The ancient art of placing flowers ages from hundreds of centuries ago but this game changer from Mozambique(Africa) redefines the art of floral arrangement with her exceptional artistic skills.

The House of Agness is a modern-day floral design company motivated by contemporary and modern lifestyle with a dash class. Their services consist of deliveries of their signature gift boxes, bouquets and online floral help. Their main specialty of flowers includes orchids, peonies (seasonal), hydrangeas and roses of every color

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The birth of the company started as passion and the zeal to change the past reputation of tradition flower placement into more modern and fresh outlook, Mariana began the business alone as a one woman show but with time she employed five other people who share the same passion, vision and love for flower artistry like she does.

The one advice she give young entrepreneurs is “The tools of your future lay in your hands, grab the wheel and start the engine. You might not know how to get there, you may not have all the answers and that is okay. The mistakes along the way are going to be the bricks to build the foundation of your business. People will doubt you, and sometimes you will doubt yourself but it will all be worthwhile in the ‘never-ending’ end. Entrepreneurship is like a destination that unlocks a new and more exciting journey”


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