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Domestic Violence

Monstrous Guy Hit Girlfriend, Drags Her By The Hair, Moments Later Karma Hits Back


There isn’t any situation I can think of that violence is acceptable in normal situations, violence against women is just the worse of the worse! Many people find it hard to understand why any woman in an abusive or violent situation, where she keeps getting beaten, would choose to stay in that position. But the fact is that it’s not altogether easy to escape those situations, in some cases the cycle of abuse makes many women feel trapped in those situations.

The guy in the video below definitely is not right in some way or other, he and a woman are walking down the street when he grabs her firmly by the arms and hits her in the face so violently that she goes to the floor!

Just a few seconds after this a group of men rush down the street…

The group surround the guy and punch him, teaching him a lesson, he will never forget a lesson like that for sure! Well, maybe the karma will teach him a thing or two about how that feels?

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