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My Name is Sasha An Accident involving a drunk driver chan


My name is Sasha, I’m 24 years old. I have always been what the society considered ‘cute and beautiful’ since I was a child and I never thought something could ever happen to my face… I don’t think anyone expects such things. But 4 years ago I traveled to the USA to study during the summer and it was my first traveling experience with my boyfriend. One day, an accident involving a drunk driver changed my life. I hit my face, fell unconscious and my heart stopped. Fortunately a man was passing by and saw the accident. He helped my boyfriend pull me out of the car and started a cardiac massage on me. It all worked and he saved me. But my injures were awful: all my facial bones were broken, including base of my scull (in more then one place!), most of the bones were dislocated, there were many fractures. I had a surgery, which lasted 11 hours. I don’t know how I managed to stay alive and how come I didn’t lose my eyesight. I was so lucky! Thank God for doctors. Of course they told me, that my face will change & there was no guarantee I will ever be ‘pretty’ again. But a year after an accident I began to become myself again! Yes, the face I have now is different from what it used to be, but I think I look great. People never see any defects until I mention them and I now know, it’s not always about what you look like but what’s on the inside.
P.s.: I’m married now, my boyfriend went over this trial with me and he is my husband now.

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