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Police Allege That A Man In Missouri killed His Wife A Few Hours After A Nonprofit Group Posted His $5,000 Bail

samuel scott man accused of kill his wife

Police allege that a man in Missouri killed his wife a few hours after a nonprofit group posted his $5,000 bail in a domestic violence case involving his wife.

Samuel Scott was indicted on Tuesday for first-degree murder in connection with Marcia Johnson’s death, his wife. Who was 54 years old. Scott is presently in jail on a $1 million bond.

Mr. Samuel Scott is accused of repeatedly battering his wife on her face, which caused injuries on her ear and cheekbone.
According to statements released by the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office. The defendant Mr. Scott said that he “might as well finish what he started since she was going to contact the police,” according to a probable cause statement from the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office.

Because of The St. Louis Bail Project’s generosity, Mr. Samuel Scott was released after they posted his bail. According to a statement released by the police, he was released on April 9. The police record shows that the defendant, Mr. Scott, would go to the home shared by the couple in St. Louis at 7:45 pm.

According to the authorities, she was later found unconscious, with a broken eye socket, several broken ribs, and multiple bruises. She died on Sunday.

Samuel Scott admitted striking her, according to police.

“No one could have predicted this tragedy,” Bail Project Executive Director Robin Steinberg said in a statement.“It’s important to remember that had he been wealthy enough to afford his bail or bonded out by a commercial bail bond agency, he would have been free pretrial as well. In times like this, we must come together for this family and keep sight of the need to transform the larger systems that create poverty, racism, and violence, including the pretrial bail system.”

The Bail Project is a national organization that bails out people who are jailed awaiting trial if they cannot post the release money. It has been operating in St. Louis for more than a year.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said in a statement that she plans to meet with Bail Project officials “to review their policies and practices to aid them better understand the risks to victims and witnesses when posting bail for any domestic violence cases or for any defendant who is a potential safety risk to an individual or the community.”

Mr Samuel Scott

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