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Russell Wilson To Ciara, We Don’t Need Future’s Little Coins, Take Him off Child Support

Russel Wilson renewed a contract with the Seattle Seahawks which is worth $140 million dollars. This places him in the top of the chain of the highest earners in the NFL. So this did not come as a surprise when Wilson urged his wife Ciara to take future off child support. His exact wording  “I don’t like seeing my son and my wife stressing about such a minuscule amount of money.” 
Russell also added that Ciara does not need  Future’s “Coins” . claiming Future needed the money more. Russell also said, “Ciara and her ex constantly argue because he’s not consistent and can go months without paying.
Russel and Ciara
I can provide for my family without his little coins. I’m sure he needs the money more than we do. He’s got other kids in need, no need for him to overextend himself because we are set for generations ahead of us.” Are You wit Future, Let us know?

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