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    Rihanna is Dropping a Plus-Size Collection for Her Lingerie Line, Savage x Fenty

    If for some strange reason you haven’t been keeping up with Rihanna lately, I’ll be the one to tell you that she’s really killing right now. she just released her new lingerie collection “savage fenty” To mark the occasion Rihanna threw a launch party in New York last night where the unofficial dress code was obviously Savage X Fenty. The event even had holograms of Rihanna wearing different items from the collection. We actually live in the future, were, of course, shook. But one of the main things people were talking about was the inclusivity and diversity represented by the people chosen to model the collection.

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    When a Black woman is on a mission, there is no stopping her.Meet the 29-Year-Old Woman Running One of the Most Successful Black-Owned Airlines In The World

    source:essence K. NATASHA Apr, 02, 2018 When a Black woman is on a mission, there is no stopping her. And because Sherrexcia “Rexy” Rolle has stepped to the forefront, it’s time for the aviation industry to take notice. Once just a White man’s game, Rexy, who is currently VP of Operations at one of the largest (and expanding) Black-owned and operated airlines in the world, is proving that this notion is no longer. But of course, it took some grit, guts and a lot of hard work along the way for Rolle to get there. Based out of San Andros Airport in Andros Island, Bahamas, Western Air Limited is owned…

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    10 Relationship Hacks For Women: Avoid One Sided Relationships

    Are you in a one sided relationship? Do you put all effort to make everything to work? Are all the financial burdens on you? This ten relationship hacks will help you get your spouse or partner to work. Learn his love language: this is very critical and this is what holds all relationships together and relationships could be made or broken because of misunderstanding and not knowing the way your partner is communicating his  love to you. Some people communicate their love with compliments and kind words while others, communicate their love by taking you out for an event like a dinner while others by giving special gifts, others by helping with house…