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Woman Discovers She’s White After 70 Years Of Believing She’s A Black Woman

Verda Byrd believed she was a light-skinned black woman her whole life until she discovered that she was adopted by black parents. She told Kens 5 in an interview aired this week that she found out her biological parents were both white! She then went on to publish a book called, “Seventy Years of Blackness. “ I didn’t know what I was,” she said. “It was never told to me that I was white I grew up totally as an African American Byrd who lives in Converse, Texas, Found out she was originally the biological daughter of a poor white couple who already had four other children. Her father left and her mother was injured which the led the state to take the kids. Byrd was then adopted by Ray and Edwinna Wagner, a black couple. She was renamed Verda Ann and was raised as an only child. “My mother took me to a black hairdresser, and I grew up participating in Martin Luther King marches and eating soul food,” she says. “My life was completely immersed in black culture, and why wouldn’t it be? For all intents and purposes, I was black.” It wasn’t until October 2013, after her adopted parents had died, that Byrd came across an adoption document with her birth name on it. She managed to locate adoption records and unseal them, all revealing that she was white. She has since reunited with her biological siblings who are all sisters. When asked if she was going to change her personality she answers, it really does not matter to me cause I’m not changing.
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